Monday, 5 December 2016

A note to my teacher

My teacher will probably know what this is about, but anyone else reading this will be confused. So, here’s a quick backstory.
This year in English, we were given a portfolio to help improve our English. In this portfolio, we could include extra tasks that we then would be marked on. One of these tasks was having an English blog, which was great for me as I already had one. Only, I wasn’t really active… but I asked my teacher and it was okay, I could add it anyway. What brings me to this note.
Dear miss H.
I’m not sure if you’ll be reading my blogposts and to what extent, but please keep in mind that I was very young and not skilled when it came to writing, or even English for that matter. Reading back my old posts now, I feel so embarrassed about the structure of my texts and the spelling and grammar errors. But I’m adding it to my portfolio anyway, because it can only prove how much I’ve improved…
But yeah… if you do read them, I hope you can have a laugh and maybe not cringe too much at my mistakes.

I hope whoever’s reading this has a nice day
Joyce xxx 

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