Sunday, 15 March 2015

What I did for my best friends' birthday

Hey guys
So I’m not sure yet when this post is going up, but it will defiantly be after the 15th of march. ~that’s my best friend’s birthday~  If you didn’t already got it from the tittle, I’m going to tell you what I did for Yade’s 16th birthday. Before I go any further I’m not telling you this to brag or something, I’m just telling you this because I’m really proud of it and maybe it will give you some ideas. It might seem like I got her a lot, but in reality the things I got her were or not that expensive or I had them lying around the house. But without further do . LET’S GET INTO IT!!!
  •  A jar with reasons to smile 3 little frames: one with a picture of her and her sister, one with a picture of us and one with a quote 
  • A really cute, pink letter Y to hang on her door/wall 
  • A tattoo choker necklace ~she’s been wanting one for like forever 
  • A personal letter  
  • A big pink box to put everything in

Yeah that’s what I got for Yade’s birthday. She’s been there for me the last year and it really ment a lot so I just wanted her to have a great birthday. And while you're reading this why not wish her a happy birthday. I’ll her twitter here.
But that’s all for now, I hope you liked it. And I’ll talk to you next time
Joyce xxx 

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