Friday, 20 March 2015

My random top 3's

Hey guys
This week I thought I would be fun to give you my top 3 of the most random things that pop into my head.

               Favourite words                       Animals                     Mythical animals
                   1) Awesome                           1) Wolf                        1) Unicorn
                   2) Unicorn                              2) Dog                        2) Phoenix
                   3)Glitter                                  3) Owl                         3) Griffin

                       Series                                    Teachers                               OTP’s
                  1) Teen Wolf                          1) My chemistry teacher          1) Zalfie
                  2) Pretty little liars                 2) My English teacher             2) Tim & Tanya
                  3) One tree hill                       3) Mss De Mulder                   3) Miley and Liam

                        Girl names                            Youtubers                           TV hosts
                        1) Skyler                            1) Aspyn Ovard                     1) Ellen
                        2) Charlie                           2) The Shaytards                    2) Jimmy Falon
                        3) Elisabeth                        3) Dan and Phil                      3) Alan Carr
These were the 9 first things that popped into my head. I hope you liked it. And leave you’re most random top 3 in a comment below. I’ll talk to you guys next time

Joyce xxx 

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