Friday, 13 March 2015

An ideal date -for me-

Hey guys
I thought that maybe this weeks I could talk about dates. I know that might sound weird considering I’ve never had a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fantasize about it. –that sounded really weird, I promise it’s not in the disturbed-kind of way- So yeah maybe you have a date coming up and you don’t know what do. If you do I hope this really helps.
please keep in mind that I based these on the kind of things you can do in my city, so some of these might not really work in the area you live.

Movie with a walk
we have this park behind the theatre and I’d think it would we super romantic to watch the afternoon film and after that just go on a walk. Our park has a playground so you could also hang out there. You could maybe even have your first kiss on the swings or under a tree.

Ice skating
This one would be a little bit harder for me because the closest ice-skating range is look a 20-30 minute drive. But if you have one close by I think it would be an amazing date. And it doesn’t matter that that one of you might not know how to skate, it would just make it more romantic! So yeah ice skating is defiantly one of my favourites.

Movie/series marathon
This might not be an ideal first date but maybe if you’ve been together for a while, or even if you’re just friends. An whole day of watching your favourite series or films sounds –to me- really fun. I personally would have a Harry Potter, Stars wars, Teen wolf or maybe even a Disney marathon. You could even make it monthly thing.

Just hanging out
Again this might be better if you’ve been together for a longer while or if you’re just friends. Just spending a Saturday afternoon together could be so much fun. You could make cookies or something, babysit –if one of you has a younger sibling-, or even play videogames together. You could even play Monopoly .  Personally my perfect afternoon would be us baking something  -knowing my cooking skills it will probably suck- and me beating him on Mario Kart. Or maybe him playing videogames while I’m reading a book.

But yeah that’s all for now. I would like it if you’d leave your ‘perfect date idea’ in the comments, I would love to read them. And I’ll talk to you guys next week.

Joyce xxx

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