Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Am I missing out?

Hey guys
“Stuck in love” is one of my all time favourite films. -this will probably make a lot of sense because Lilly Collins is my favourite actress and Logan Lerman is my second favourite actor- For those of you that haven’t seen “Stuck in Love” yet it’s basically this story about the love life of tree people:  a father and his two kids. All three of them are writers.
One of my favourites quotes comes out of this film: “a writer is the sum of his experience”.
The dad says this to his son Rusty throughout the film. He thinks that his son isn’t really living, or participating as you could call it. And this made me think.
Am I missing out? Am I missing out because I don’t go to parties, or hang out that much? Because I can really relate to Rusty. –beside the fact that I don’t smoke weed-  I rather spend my weekend at home reading a book or watching a film instead of going out partying or having a drink with friends. Am I really missing out because of that? Because I don’t want to look back and regret stuff. Don’t people say that these are supposed to be out best years? Am I going to regret the choices I made?
What do you think? I would really like your opinion. Just leave it in the comments below.
That’s all for now, I hope you liked it. And I’ll talk to you guys next time!
Joyce xxx

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