Sunday, 22 February 2015


Hey guys
My name is Joyce and I’m 16 years old. It might seem likes this is my first time blogging but I’ve actually been doing this for a while. I used to be on tumblr, but I recently –and with that I mean this afternoon- found out that google had this super cool blogger thing. So I decided to come here. I really like blogging and want to take it more serious. That’s why I though coming here was a good choice. I understand that you might want to know more about me so I’ll give you a quick introduction.
Like I said my name is Joyce and I’m 16 years old. My parents divorced when I was around three, so don’t feel sorry it’s all I know. I have an older sister named Emily. She’s turning 19 and is studying to become a teacher. I also have a half-brother named Mirko. He’s 4 years old. Stefan, Mirko’s dad is my stepdad. –go figure- I really hate him! I know hate is a strong word, but I really do. He is the reason why I don’t want to come to my mom’s anymore.
When it comes to school, I’m a pretty good student. Second in all of my classes. –it’s not as frustrating as it seems- Chemistry, math and English are my favourites. I’m not a very social person. I mean I have my little group of friends to gang out with, but there’re only two people who I really feel comfortable with: Yade and Jytte. There is also this guy I talk a lot to trough Facebooks –he’s in my school, don’t worry- but that’s mainly because I have a crush on him. I honestly don’t want many friends –I tend to get anxious around a lot of people or strangers- That’s one of the reasons why I don’t go to parties.  I don’t really have a hobby expect reading and blogging  –I don’t count Netflix as a hobby- I am looking for one though. –I’m thinking about trying photography-
Yeah I think that’s all. If you want to know anything else don’t hesitate to ask!
I do want to tell you another two things. One: I am Belgian, so English isn’t my native language. Please keep that in mind, I’m doing my best to write as correctly as possible. Two: I try to post every Thursday.
That’s all for now; I hope you like it and I’ll see you guys next Thursday.
Love you all
Joyce xxx

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